My name is Marty Freetage, I am a web & graphic designer based out of Phoenix, AZ. I started designing from a young age when art became a passion of mine. Once the age of computers hit, along with the internet, I knew my possibilities were unlimited. In 1996 I created my first website and have enjoyed it ever since. I went to school and received my BA in Multimedia Web Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. There I learned software on both PC and Mac: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign and Fireworks.

My Background

After graduating, I joined a fellow graduate and her company Red Planet Designs. There we took on various projects from schools, celebrites, magazines, to web design for local businesses.

I enjoy working my way through a problem until I understand it completely and that is how I came upon graphic design.  I am self-taught and proficient in Adobe InDesign. In 2008, I became the sole graphic designer for a local magazine where my responsibilities included designing the layout for the magazine, advertisements, logos and business cards.  I also created and maintained the magazine’s company website and online magazine.


Along with my ever loving day job, I do plenty of freelance work in the field of graphic and web design. In 2010 I became the Art Creation Manager for Phoenix Comicon. Our design campaign for 2012 along with a great marketing team increased attedance by 9,000. Phoenix Comicon had over 30,000 for 2012. I also have the pleasure of being the Festival Designer for the Phoenix Film Festival and International Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival. It does get interesting about Jan-Feb as I juggle both events. However the outcome is amazing. Outside of those incredible projects, I can be found doing various posters, postcards, business cards and a few websites for businesses and clients.

Thanks for Reading and enjoy my website!

Don’t forget to check my website often, as I am constantly updating it with new projects and ideas. Check me out on Twitter and  my blog is soon to come!

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